50K and Half Marathon Registration is now Open!

COOPERS ROCK 50K and Half Marathon
April 8th, 7am Start time 

Registration is now OPEN!  

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Coopers Rock 50 km and Half Marathon Trail Race

Description:  This is a rocky, challenging, and scenic trail race at Coopers Rock State Forest in north central West Virginia.  The 50 km course covers nearly every trail on the south side of the forest, features several scenic viewpoints, and has 4000 feet of elevation gain.  The half marathon course is a shorter version of the same trails and has 1500 feet of elevation gain.

Location:  Coopers Rock State Forest is located at Exit 15 off of I-68, roughly 15 minutes east of Morgantown, WV.  The race starts at the Overlook Area.  After exiting the interstate, turn towards Coopers Rock State Forest and continue south down the main forest road for 3 miles until reaching the Overlook Area.

Date and Time:  Both the 50 km and Half Marathon races will start at 7:00 am, April 8, 2017.  There will be a brief pre-race meeting at 6:40 am on April 8.

Entry Fees:

50 km:  $70 if registered by 2/24/2017; $85 if registered by 3/17/2017.  Late online registrations will be permitted between 3/18/2017 and 3/31/2017 for $85 BUT YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A T-SHIRT.  You will be permitted to register for the race in person during packet pickup (see times below) for $95 cash or check BUT YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A T-SHIRT.

Half Marathon:  $50 if registered by 2/24/2017; $65 if registered by 3/17/2017.  Registration is closed thereafter. Late online registrations will be permitted between 3/18/2017 and 3/31/2017 for $65 BUT YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A T-SHIRT.  You will be permitted to register for the race in person during packet pickup (see times below) for $75 cash or check BUT YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A T-SHIRT.

Refunds minus a $10 fee will be granted until 3/17/2017.  50 km entrants may switch to the Half Marathon during packet pickup, but the difference will not be refunded. Half Marathon entrants may switch to the 50 km during packet pickup but must pay $45 in cash or check at that time.

Race Cap:  Both races combined will be limited to 200 entries.

For complete details and to Register,  please visit our dedicated 50K & Half Marathon page on the menu bar on the Home Page.

Celebration of the Outdoors!

bailey-boys Saturday, October15th

Come up to the forest for a day of workshops, guided hikes, rock climbing lessons, a Used Gear Sale and more!  Check out the schedule below:

Blue Bird Box Builders
Rob Bailey and Sons:  Join Master Naturalist Rob Bailey and his sons from Rising Sun Construction to build a beautiful bird house for your backyard!  Children of all ages welcome. No experience with woodworking needed.  Pavilion 2.  10 to 3pm. 

Try Rock Climbing
Coopers Rock Climbing Guides
Josh Armstrong
The Coopers Rock Climbing Guides will be offering free climbing and rappelling at Roadside Rocks from noon to 3pm. Anybody interested will check in and get gear at Pavilion 1, where they’ll be given some basic instructions and directions. Our guides will be waiting at the rocks to help people as they arrive. You can arrive anytime between noon and 2

Used Gear Sale

Gently used gear such as tents, canoes, camping gear, cross-country skis, snow shoes, camping equipment, and much more.  A percentage of each sale goes to help the forest.
Cash or check. Pavilion 1.

T-Shirt Making
Kristi Truban
Take the forest home…on a t-shirt designed by you. Leaf prints, animal track prints, flowers and more. T-shirts, paint, block prints are provided. 10-3 Pavilion  2.

Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia (ACCA)

Learn all about how to protect our wild bird neighbors with the Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia. They have fun and educational activities as well as a wild bird presentation at 11am in Pavilion 2.

MUSIC Players will be celebrating the outdoors with music so stop by and listen and enjoy! 11-1 On walkway between Pavilions

Historic CCC Picnic Fireplace Cooking Demonstration: Come see a CRF project come to fruition!  The CCC fireplaces, restored by Cooper’s Rock Foundation funds, will be featured in a cast-iron cooking demo.  Five fireplaces, manned by foundation members and board members, will be in use and will feature cooking demos.  Watch the fireplaces in action and sample the delicious results!  Hot dogs, Mountain Pies, and hot and cold Apple Cider and other cold drinks and chips available as the supply lasts!

Guided Hikes

Nature Hike with Dee Fulton,Master Naturalist
Join Dee Fulton, Foundation Board member and Master Naturalist on an early morning hike on the newest trail on the south side of the forest and listen and look for birds and everything wild that October has to offer. Hike begins at 1pm. Meet at the Registration desk.

Hike along the Roadside Trail
Aaron Vedock is a true enthusiast of Cooper Rock and is an outing leader for both the Foundation and the Sierra Club. Join him for a short hike (3-4 miles) along the Roadside Trail. 11am

Cool Spots Hikes
Adam Polinski Cool Spots Hike, Shorter But Steeper Version
This new cool spots circuit has only a little overlap with the past several years’ Cool Spots Hikes. This year’s focus is on the side of the canyon wall. We’ll hike down to Haystack Rock and a little bit farther (250’ in elevation below the Overlook Parking Lot), and both upstream and downstream from Haystack as well. We’ll see big trees and big rocks, and we’ll also look for old, abandoned segments of CCC-constructed trails from 75 years ago still intact on the steep canyon side after many decades. We’ll seek out and traverse some of the very steepest terrain at Coopers Rock this side of technical rock climbing. Wear footwear appropriate for very challenging terrain.
Morning Session: 10 am 90 minutes
Afternoon Session (same route): 1pm 90 minutes
Group Size Limit: 12 per hike

Stump Jump 10K Results!


Stump Jump 10K Race Elevation Gain/Loss Profile:

Tough elevation profile

Stump Jump 10K Official Results!  

Congratulations to all the runners for a race well run.  Thank you also to Mark and Eleonore Jones our Race Directors for a fabulous job organizing this epic event for the Coopers Rock Foundation. 

Bib# Name Home Town Class
Class Age Time
1 93 Nathan Bonham Westfield PA 1 M 00-99 19 39:07.6
2 91 Derek Clark Mount Morris PA 2 M 00-99 36 42:18.6
3 289 Bob Nedley Monesson PA 3 M 00-99 45 45:31.3
4 280 Nickolas Goodman Fresno OH 4 M 00-99 25 50:36.4
5 97 Heather Parks Bruceton Mills WV 1 F 00-99 41 51:41.9
6 259 Jeffrey Muster Savannah GA 5 M 00-99 36 52:15.9
7 272 Tim Quetsch Morgantown WV 6 M 00-99 25 53:25.5
8 254 Jason McCleary 7 M 00-99 ? 53:31.6
9 1275 Mark Casteel 8 M 00-99 ? 54:01.1
10 92 Drew Richardson 9 M 00-99 ? 54:39.4
11 196 Aaron Yocum 10 M 00-99 ? 54:59.4
12 282 Robin Ames 11 M 00-99 ? 55:19.0
13 287 Chris Haddox Morgantown WV 12 M 00-99 56 56:12.1
14 192 Lindsay Wimer Morgantown WV 2 F 00-99 32 56:17.0
15 285 Siegfried Bleher 13 M 00-99 ? 1:03:13.3
16 261 John Daniels 14 M 00-99 ? 1:03:35.3
17 90 Darin Acklin 15 M 00-99 ? 1:03:46.2
18 265 Kevin Gillen 16 M 00-99 ? 1:04:03.6
19 1276 Amy Strang 3 F 00-99 ? 1:04:59.0
20 271 Laura O’Hara 4 F 00-99 ? 1:05:21.4
21 273 Lowell Duckert 17 M 00-99 ? 1:05:40.7
22 1274 Lynne Ryan 5 F 00-99 ? 1:06:00.0
23 283 Samantha Winstanley 6 F 00-99 ? 1:06:27.0
24 194 Mark Tomasi 18 M 00-99 ? 1:07:15.6
25 270 Kyle Rogers 19 M 00-99 ? 1:07:54.8
26 291 Jay Phillips 20 M 00-99 ? 1:08:15.6
27 88 Caroline Shultz 7 F 00-99 ? 1:08:21.7
28 286 Stefanie Moore 8 F 00-99 ? 1:08:40.8
29 197 Adam Polinski 21 M 00-99 ? 1:09:04.4
30 284 Adam Mize 22 M 00-99 ? 1:09:05.6
31 87 Brie Hawley 9 F 00-99 ? 1:09:13.6
32 268 Kit Cottrill 23 M 00-99 ? 1:11:04.8
33 195 Sandy Youkum 10 F 00-99 39 1:13:01.4
34 263 Joy Ouellette 11 F 00-99 ? 1:13:03.3
35 99 Jaime Ouellette 24 M 00-99 ? 1:13:03.9
36 275 John Sylvester 25 M 00-99 ? 1:13:05.3
37 94 Emily Mallon 12 F 00-99 ? 1:13:15.0
38 199 Michelle Lindsay 13 F 00-99 ? 1:13:29.9
39 89 Cynthia Syracuse 14 F 00-99 ? 1:13:43.2
40 258 Jay Kotsko 26 M 00-99 ? 1:14:36.8
41 277 Melissa Simpson 15 F 00-99 ? 1:15:25.9
42 276 Matthew Simpson 27 M 00-99 ? 1:15:35.7
43 98 Indiah Bleher 16 F 00-99 ? 1:15:50.1
44 279 Mirari Elcoro 17 F 00-99 ? 1:16:08.4
45 262 Jonathan Mathes 28 M 00-99 ? 1:16:30.5
46 281 Roberto Tellez 29 M 00-99 ? 1:16:57.4
47 264 Katie White 18 F 00-99 ? 1:18:16.4
48 193 Suzanne Tomasi 19 F 00-99 ? 1:20:29.9
49 260 Jessica Summers 20 F 00-99 ? 1:20:56.5
50 191 Cameron Ford 30 M 00-99 ? 1:20:56.8
51 288 Ellen West 21 F 00-99 ? 1:22:26.7
52 198 June Graham 22 F 00-99 ? 1:22:37.6
53 267 Kevin Shon 31 M 00-99 ? 1:24:08.7
54 278 Michael Simms 32 M 00-99 ? 1:27:14.5
55 86 Bethany Ackley 23 F 00-99 ? 1:30:46.6
56 95 Emily Shaffer 24 F 00-99 ? 1:31:28.9
57 96 Erica Bentley 25 F 00-99 ? 1:31:36.2
58 200 Ehab Akkary 33 M 00-99 ? 1:37:15.8
59 296 John Thomas 34 M 00-99 ? 1:43:32.5
60 269 Brianna Harvey 26 F 00-99 ? 2:09:07.8
61 1269 Kristi Shaffer 27 F 00-99 ? 2:14:22.7

Stump Jump! 10K Saturday Sept. 3!

The Coopers Rock Foundation classic 10K  Stump Jump will be held on September 3 at 9am!

Course: Overlook to the Roadside Trail to Laurel Meadows to Rock City and back to the overlook.

Hop some rocks and jump some stumps at the third annual Coopers Rock Stump Jump! 10K Trail Run.   Celebrate the start of fall at Coopers Rock State Forest as trail runners tackle a beautiful and challenging 6.2-mile foot tour or our favorite local forest.  Help support the work of the Coopers Rock Foundation as we help with facilities repairs and upgrades.

 Online registration is now closed. Please come up to the Overlook and Pavilion area before 8:30am to complete same day walk-in registration.  The race fee will be $30.  

StumpJump-1 (3)


Stump Jump Course 2015(1)

Historic Shelter Three Repairs Underway!


Ronnie as he starts his first day up at shelter three

Ronnie Wiley of Wiley Log Homes began work today on replacement several rotted beams in our historic CCC era Shelter Three.  Ronnie is a graduate of WVU and enjoyed the forest as an undergraduate.  He is excited to have the opportunity to return to the forest and repair this beautiful structure.  Ronnie will be working on the shelter for several days and we will post updates as the work progresses!

Sign up for Kroger Rewards and help the Foundation Repair Shelter 3

Kroger Rewards:

If you shop at Krogers, please consider helping us by signing up in the Kroger Community Rewards program.  Your  personal shopping “points” are not used for this!  Kroger takes a percentage of the total money spent by participating enrollees and donates it directly to the Coopers Rock Foundation.  Everyone wins!  


  •  Click on this link to access the web site: Krogerrewards.com
  • Be sure to have your Kroger Plus card handy and register your card with your organization after you sign up.
  • If you do not yet have a Kroger Plus card, they are available at the customer service desk at any Kroger.
  • Click on Sign In/Register
  • Are you a new online customer? Then click on SIGN UP TODAY in the ‘New Customer?’ box.
  • Sign up for a Kroger Rewards Account by entering zip code, clicking on favorite store, entering your email address and creating a password, agreeing to the terms and conditions
  • You will then get a message to check your email inbox and click on the link within the body of the email.
  • Click on My Account and use your email address and password to proceed to the next step.
  • Click on Edit Kroger Community Rewards information and input your Kroger Plus card number.
  • Update or confirm your information.
  • Enter NPO number 91572 or select organization (Coopers Rock Foundation) from list and click on confirm.
  • To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will see your organization’s name on the right side of your information page.

First-Timer’s Climbing Guide to Coopers Rock

New to Coopers Rock climbing?  Interested in finding some high quality climbing routes you can top-rope?  Maybe get in a few leads?  Where do you go?   This article by veteran Coopers Rock climber (and Foundation board member) Adam Polinski will get you going with a description of Sunset Wall and The Big Blocks, Upper Rock City, and Rattlesnake Trail. Continue reading