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I hope everyone is now physically healed up from the race, and only suffering from minimal psychological and emotional damage.  The photos are up on Gabe DeWitt's blog and website now.  Gabe is a local artist and climber from Morgantown who generously donated his time at the race.  If you decide to make prints of any of the photos, it would be great to support him by buying them from his website,

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Thanks to Pathfinder and Book Exchange for providing prizes for top finishers, to Morgantown Running for the awesome clock, Black Bear Burritos for the lunch and the support of the Mountaineer Area Rescue Group for race support along with Mon EMS.  A big Thank You to the WVDNR Parks staff at Coopers Rock for all their assistance!



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50K Results

2017 50km finish times

Half Marathon Results


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Slider-Celebration_01   Coopers Rock 50 km and Half Marathon Trail Race Description:  This is a rocky, challenging, and scenic trail race at Coopers Rock State Forest in north central West Virginia.  The 50 km course covers nearly every trail on the south side of the forest, features several scenic viewpoints, and has 4000 feet of elevation gain.  The half marathon course is a shorter version of the same trails and has 1500 feet of elevation gain. Location:  Coopers Rock State Forest is located at Exit 15 off of I-68, roughly 15 minutes east of Morgantown, WV.  The race starts at the Overlook Area.  After exiting the interstate, turn towards Coopers Rock State Forest and continue south down the main forest road for 3 miles until reaching the Overlook Area. Date and Time:  Both the 50 km and Half Marathon races will start at 7:00 am, April 8, 2017.  There will be a brief pre-race meeting at 6:40 am on April 8. Entry Fees: 50 km:  $85 if registered by 3/17/2017.  Late online registrations will be permitted between 3/18/2017 and 3/31/2017 for $85 BUT YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A T-SHIRT.  You will be permitted to register for the race in person during packet pickup (see times below) for $95 cash or check BUT YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A T-SHIRT. Half Marathon:  $65 if registered by 3/17/2017.  Registration is closed thereafter. Late online registrations will be permitted between 3/18/2017 and 3/31/2017 for $65 BUT YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A T-SHIRT.  You will be permitted to register for the race in person during packet pickup (see times below) for $75 cash or check BUT YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A T-SHIRT. Refunds minus a $10 fee will be granted until 3/17/2017.  50 km entrants may switch to the Half Marathon during packet pickup, but the difference will not be refunded. Half Marathon entrants may switch to the 50 km during packet pickup but must pay $45 in cash or check at that time. Race Cap:  Both races combined will be limited to 200 entries. Packet Pickup:  Packets can be picked up on Friday, 4/7/2017 from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm at the Overlook Area at Coopers Rock State Forest, or on Saturday, 4/8/2017 from 5:30 am – 6:30 am at the same location. Aid Stations:  There are 6 aid stations on the 50 km course and 3 aid stations on the Half Marathon Course, spaced 3 – 7 miles apart.  Please carry water and food between aid stations.  Aid stations will be stocked with a standard ultra-marathon cuisine, including cookies, chips, candy, sandwiches, water, sports drink, and etcetera.  Gel packets and electrolytes will NOT be provided.  Please plan on bringing your own. 50 km Aid Stations: Aid 1: 5.0 miles                  Cutoff time: 9:00 am Aid 2: 10.4 miles                Cutoff time: 10:00 am Aid 3A: 15.9 miles             Cutoff time: 11:30 am Aid 3B: 19.8 miles             Cutoff time: 12:35 pm Aid 4: 26.9 miles                Cutoff time: 2:35 pm Aid 3C: 29.5 miles             Finish: 31.1 miles              Cutoff time: 4:00 pm (9 hours total)   Half Marathon Aid Stations: Aid 1: 5.0 miles                  Cutoff time: 9:00 am Aid 4: 8.8 miles                  Cutoff time: 10:20 am Aid 3: 11.4 miles Finish: 13.0 miles              Cutoff time: 12:00 pm (5 hours total)   Additional Rules:
  1. All runners must carry a water bottle.
  2. You must start on time. Late starts will not be permitted.
  3. You must follow the marked course and check in at every aid station. One of the race volunteers will record your bib number and time at every aid station.
  4. If you miss a cutoff time, you must follow the instructions from a race volunteer on how to return to the start/finish area.
  5. The race management may ask you to discontinue the race at any time if they believe that you are unfit to continue.
  6. If you drop out of the race before finishing, you must tell one of the race volunteers.
  7. Unregistered pacers are not permitted.
  8. All entrants must be at least 18 years of age or older for both races.
  9. Failure to follow any of these rules will result in being disqualified from the race.
Drop Bags:  There will be no drop bag service for either race.  However, the 50 km race returns to the Overlook Area at Aid Station #2.  You may return to your car to pick up items as needed after checking in at Aid Station #2. Goodies:  All entrants who register before 3/17/2017 will receive a Sweat Vac short sleeve technical t-shirt (see for sizing).  Both men’s and women’s sizes will be offered.  Shirts are not included with registration after that date.  If we have any extra shirts, they will be available for sale after the race.  A guide book of Coopers Rock State Forest and a 1 year membership with the Coopers Rock Foundation are included with registration. Awards:  Awards will be given to the top 3 men and women finishers of each race.  There will not be a formal awards ceremony.  Awards will be given out as the top finishers cross the finish line. Lodging:  There are a limited number of campsites available at Coopers Rock State Forest at the McCollum Campground, which are walk-in only and first-come-first-serve (61 County Line Drive, Bruceton Mills, WV 26525, 304-594-1561,  Additional camping is available nearby at Chestnut Ridge Campground (346 Chestnut Ridge Camp Road, Bruceton Mills, WV 26525, 304-594-1773, The closest hotels are the Lakeview Resort and Spa (One Lakeview Drive, Morgantown, WV 26505, 304-594-1111), the Super 8 (603 Venture Dr, Morgantown, WV 26508, 304-296-4000) or Holiday Inn Express (605 Venture Dr, Morgantown, WV 26508, 304-291-2600) at the Pierpont Road Exit 7 on I-68.  Lunch:  A post-race meal of cold meat and veggie sandwich burritos, sides, and desserts will be free to registered runners after the race.  Extra lunches can be purchased at packet pickup for $10. About us:  The Coopers Rock Foundation is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that is dedicated to service and preservation at Coopers Rock State Forest.  All extra funds that are raised from this race will be reinvested into maintenance of the trails and facilities at Coopers Rock.  We hope that you’ll enjoy your experience at Coopers Rock as much as we do.  Please consider joining our cause and renew your membership after your 1 year complementary membership expires! Waiver In consideration of the acceptance of this entry in the Coopers Rock 50KM or Half Marathon Trail Run (collectively, the Event), I, the participant, intending to be legally bound and hereby waive or release any and all right and claims for damages or injuries that I may have against the Event Directors, Coopers Rock State Forest, the Coopers Rock Foundation, its members, volunteers, co-sponsors, landowners, other participants, and all of their agents assisting with the event, sponsors and their representatives and employees (collectively, the Releasees) for any and all injuries to me or my personal property. This release includes all injuries and/or damages suffered by me before, during or after the Event. I recognize, intend and understand that this release is binding on my heirs, executors, administrators, or assignees. I certify as a material condition to my being permitted to enter this race that I am physically fit and sufficiently trained for the completion of this Event. I am aware that participation in the Event involves inherent risks, dangers, and hazards, including but not limited to: exposed rock, trees, tree stumps, forest deadfall, ice and snow, uneven surfaces and other natural objects; steps, bridges, boardwalks, and roadways; variable and adverse weather conditions; streams and other bodies of water; cliffs and steep terrain; becoming lost or separated from other participants; encounters with wildlife; and negligence of other participants and other persons. I freely and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards and the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage or loss resulting from them and expressly waive all legal remedies as against the Releasees. Event management reserves the right to stop any participant who in their opinion is not fit to continue.  I agree that if I fail to follow any race rules that I will be immediately disqualified from the Event, and as a non-participant, the Event management has no obligation to provide me with aid or assistance. By submitting this entry, I acknowledge having read and agreed to the above waiver. Additionally, I grant my permission for the free use of my picture to be freely published in a print or online account of the Event, or for future promotional uses.

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50K course map


Half Marathon Course Map


Race Registration for 50K and Half Marathon will be at the Overlook Friday evening or the morning of the race: Saturday starting at 5am
2017-3-17 50km registration list
  Race Results for  2016 50K (Half Marathon Results Below the 50K results)
Rank Time (hr:min:s) Name Bib #
1 4:39:45 Derek Clark 9
2 5:04:24 John Logar 36
3 5:38:32 Scott Roman 44
4 5:55:45 Jonathan Lok 37
5 5:55:56 Jason Griffith 19
6 6:04:26 Whitney Waters 46
7 6:08:44 Jody Logar 35
8 6:10:11 David Kalal 29
9 6:18:42 Joe McQude 38
10 6:18:44 Mary Baniak 1
11 6:21:12 Kevin Ketchman 31
12 6:33:39 Weiguo Liu 48
13 6:34:30 Scott Huffman 23
14 6:35:40 Daniel Lehmann 33
15 6:37:33 Leah Darkes 11
16 6:46:07 Rick Thompson 45
17 6:49:04 Jennifer Emerick 13
18 7:05:33 Charlotte Johnson 27
19 7:14:31 Kurt Byrnes 4
20 7:19:26 Andrew Carroll 6
21 7:22:04 Becky Coyne 10
22 7:30:04 Ryan Hampton 20
23 7:30:05 Jamie Ouellette 41
24 7:30:05 Anne Foreman 16
25 7:35:38 Chris Pabian 42
26 7:51:11 Scott Prontiker 43
27 7:56:24 Heather Cianfrocco 7
28 7:56:26 gineen jarnevich 26
29 8:07:00 Charles Eiser 12
30 8:10:21 Ian Icard 24
31 8:10:22 Anna-Marie Jaeschke 130
32 8:15:09 Regina Clark 8
33 8:17:22 Angela Kalal 28
34 9:32:34 Sonya Hardestt 21
35 9:46:00 Angela Icard 25
36 10:37:40 Patrick Kelley 18
DNF Sally Miller 39

Half Marathon Results

Rank Time (hr:min:s) Name Bib #
1 1:30:03 Nathan Bonham 108
2 1:49:20 Zack Arnold 102
3 1:50:40 J.B. Forinash 17
4 1:57:18 Trevor Wolfe 158
5 2:01:11 Laura Kurth 133
6 2:03:12 Lindsay Wimer 157
7 2:07:11 Jen Brown 110
8 2:08:08 Kevin Fitzgerald 120
9 2:13:44 Patrick Fisher 15
10 2:14:00 Matthew Heiskell 22
11 2:17:21 Max von Doemming 153
12 2:19:13 Laura Spahr 151
13 2:21:13 David Seaman 148
14 2:21:20 Mary Schardt 147
15 2:23:20 Michael Hawranick 127
16 2:23:36 Jimmy DuPree 117
17 2:24:45 Mercy Klein 132
18 2:25:08 Melissa Simpson 150
19 2:26:24 Lowell Duckert 116
20 2:27:19 Brie Hawley 126
21 2:27:58 Max Beitzel 104
22 2:29:35 Savannah Pott 142
23 2:31:03 Kristin Bedillion 103
24 2:38:34 Garrick Chow 112
25 2:41:27 Ben Pott 143
26 2:42:34 Kate Allen 101
27 2:42:46 George Record 145
28 2:44:19 Brittany Lease 134
29 2:45:19 Reid Harvey 125
30 2:46:19 Joy Ouellette 141
31 2:46:21 Matthew Gefroh 121
32 2:46:22 Katie Rau 144
33 2:49:44 Jeff Brusoe 111
34 2:49:57 Michele Lindsey 135
35 2:51:15 Jade Fisher 119
36 2:55:53 Mary Beth Hardy 124
37 2:56:57 Shauna McQuade 137
38 2:56:58 Cindy Syracuse 152
39 2:57:00 Erica Breighner 109
40 2:57:00 Colleen Milligan 139
41 3:01:39 Tim Gray 123
42 3:04:04 Andrew Wilder 154
43 3:16:35 Scott Davis 115
44 3:16:46 Debra Bongard 107
45 3:18:10 Erica Bentley 105
46 3:29:53 Cody Homistek 128
47 3:34:57 Jane Williams 155
48 3:34:58 Rob Williams 156
49 3:51:16 Shawnee Black 106
50 3:55:03 Kimberly Robinson 146
51 4:07:18 Daniel Conner 114
52 4:07:19 PAUL CONNER 113
53 4:08:09 Theodore Howe 129
54 4:08:10 Stephanie Zucker 160
55 4:24:13 Samuel Miller 138
56 4:35:39 Catherine Gouge 122
57 4:35:40 Lara Farina 118
DNF Sue Moessinger 140