Spring 5K a success!

After a postponement due to hazardous weather, the Coopers Rock Foundation 5K was held this past Saturday in cool misty conditions that runners love.  The footing was wet and muddy but the runners complemented the cool conditions and a fun time was had by all.  Below are the results:

Name                                   Finish Time

Derek Clark                         19:19

Rob Simmons                     22:01

Andrue Csutoros                23:48

Sam Frasch                         23:57

Rebecca Morton                 27:23

Hailey Chamberlain           27:30

Sandy Yokum                      28:57

Aaron Yokum                     28:57

Brittany Cameron              29:31

Mark Chamberlain             30:09

Lisa Hynes                          30:56

Scott Ridenour                   31:33

Katrina Stewart                  33:43

Jennifer Hyer                      36:18

Kimberly Frye                    36:46

Beth Hestick                        39:29

Nancy Pope                         55:17 (Walk)

Bob Pope                            55:34 (Walk)

Thank yous to our race sponsors, Morgantown Running, WCLG, and the West Virginia Lottery!